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Your hosts, La Clarissa Ranch

Palm and Brahma cow.

La Clarissa Ranch was developed with much arduous dedication by its proprietors, the Gálvez family.

In the late 1700's, the ranch started as a logging camp owned by Thomas Paslow and his wife, Clarissa. Mr.José Maria Gálvez bought the land in 1917 and used it for a resting place of the herds of mules he used for transportation of goods from Mexico, Belize City & thePetén, Guatemala. Chicle was transported from thePetén to Belize to the Wrigley's Company, and on return china & zinc roofing were brought. Axes & machetes were used to clear the land and make milpas - slash & burn clearing to make plots to grow corn. The corn was used to feed the family, the mules, pigs & chickens, and to sell to other mule-herders.

The 900-acre ranch, now 90 years old, is still owned by the descendants of José Maria Gálvez, who take much pride in the development, maintenance & upgrading of an ecologically-safe ranch.

Your hostess, Chena Gálvez.Chena Gálvez

Tireless hostess Chena is always busy finding ways to improve her resort so that guests may have a more thoroughly memorable & enjoyable experience. Always willing to help, she is a fountain of knowledge. Chena is also a natural healer and can take you for a walk along the medicinal trail. She has fresh herbal remedies, healing soups and hot teas available. If you need part of her healing experience, please feel free to ask. Believing that whatever knowledge & powers within are to be shared and cannot be for sale, she does not charge but donations are accepted.


A note for travellers...

As you travel to Belize and if you have space in your luggage, bring reading materials, pens, pencils, old clothes, etc. Chena has become a local distributor to needy children in the schools in the district of Cayo. A few other guests of Clarissa Falls who have been touched by her care have joined her with her project. Ask her about the help she gives to students & parents and you will be amazed.

Alfonso Gálvez - Belizean Artist.Alfonso Gálvez

Alfonso Gálvez is a Belizean-born farmer raised on La Clarissa Ranch. He is one of the youngest members of the family and dedicated himself to the manufacturing of saddles for ranch use. This is how he learned that he was actually a born sculptor and he began playing with driftwood, creating truly awesome sculptures. His works of art have been displayed at the Museum of Belize & the Bliss Institute, and now here at his home. Come to Clarissa Falls to see more of his well-known & beautiful art.

"Gálvez makes wood sing and howl and pierce the soul." - Andrew Stienhauer

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Rodeo at La Clarissa Ranch.Ride 'em, cowboy!

The Clarissa Falls Team of rodeo riders have won numerous championships in bull-riding throughout the Central America region, and have brought home many trophies.

La Clarissa Ranch plans to open the only rodeo arena in the whole of Belize in the near future. Visit our website again soon for updated information.

The history of Clarissa Falls.Sunset over the property with Guatemala in the hills.

Clarissa Falls Resort is part of La Clarissa Ranch, owned by Ramón Gálvez, son of José Maria Gálvez Nuñez & Inéz Castellanos. La Clarissa Ranch is a working cattle ranch operated by three sons: Jose Antonio, Ramón & Alfonso. Clarissa Falls Resort is operated by Ramón Sr.'s daughter, Azucena - Chena - who is assisted by her eldest sister Anna Maria and her mother, alsoAzucena. Members of the family's fourth generation, Mark & Imelda, also work at the resort. Gwendolyn, Mark's young daughter, now makes the fifth generation - she romps around Clarissa feeding the birds & greeting our guests.

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