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The Clarissa Falls Restaurant

The Clarissa Falls Restaurant.

Our restaurant is located under a large thatch roof on a Maya mound sitting beside the Mopan River (a great spot to do some bird-watching!). We invite you to come & try the simple & exotic Belizean gourmet meals in our restaurant, where food is made & served with love. A favourite among the locals, try our delicious variety of "Mestizo-style" dishes or select your own tasty combination.

The Clarissa Falls Restaurant is very popular with vegans & vegetarians and offers many delicious meat & dairy-free selections. If you have any special meal requirements while staying with Clarissa Falls, please let us know in advance. Chena is a natural healer and if you are not feeling your best, ask her about her special healing soups & hot teas.

Our restaurant is open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM. All prices are in American dollars.

Our menu

Here's a tasty sample of what's available on our daily menus. We also have seasonal & special dishes available during the course of the year - we'll be happy to tell you all about it when you arrive.


You need a satisfying breakfast in preparation for a day of adventure. To start off the day right, for $5, enjoy a full meal - your choice of fresh fruit, eggs, tortillas & more - to give you the energy to get up & go! We also have exotic fresh fruit juices & fresh fruit shakes (shakes - $6).

Appetizers & Snacks

Open-air and thatch-roofed.

Great as a light meal, for lunch or as a start to dinner, our appetizers & snacks are all made fresh. Many of our selection are well-suited for sharing with someone special!

  • Ceviche: Fresh-made, your choice of shrimp or mixed and served with corn chips - Shrimp: $5 / Mixed: $9
  • Chips & salsa: Made with fresh tomatoes, onions & other ingredients
  • Enchiladas: Made with our tomato sauce, topped with onions and garnished with grated cheese - $2
  • Salads: Several varieties, full of fresh vegetables - $5
  • Sandwiches: Beef, BLT, cheese, pork, Western & more! - $3 - $6
  • Tacos: Soft-shelled with your choice of bean, beef, chicken or pork and served with our freshly-chopped garnish - $2.50


Each bowl of our soups is a meal in itself, and is cooked up fresh, just as you order. Full of wonderful vegetables, our filling soups are served with corn tortillas or rice.

  • Chena has healing soups to help you feel better - just ask!
  • Bean, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian or Vegan - $9
  • Escabeche: An onion soup with a spicy broth, served with tortillas - $5
  • Relleno Negro: A spicy black soup with chicken, boiled egg & meatball, served with tortillas - $9
  • Sere: A special fish dish - one taste and you will fall in love with it! Served with plantains - $9

Main courses

We have a number of scrumptious Belizean, Mestizo & North American main courses for you to try. All our dishes are prepared with local ingredients when you order.

  • Beef in Sauce: Try either our special Tomato or Mustard sauce, served with tortillas and rice - $9
  • Spaghetti: Special local variants like Spaghetti al Ajo la Clarissa Falls Resort (garlicy!) - $9
  • Stuffed Squash: Local squash with beef or vegetarian-style - $9
  • White Rice & Stew Beans: A traditional dish - plain or with beef, chicken or pork Plain: $4 / Others: $6


For dessert we have several flavours of ice cream, but you must try Chena's famous spirit-soaked, black fruitcake! Chena candies all of her own tropical fruits for this wonderfully decadent creation. It has become a special Christmas tradition for all her lucky neighbours!

Beverages & Cocktails

No matter your thirst - or age - we have something to quench it!

  • Chena has healing herbal teas such as garlic, ginger, lime & quantro - just ask!
  • Coffee, tea, milk, bottled water, soda pop
  • Fresh juices: Fresh fruit punch, limeade, orange, papaya, pineapple & watermelon
  • Ice-cold Belikin beers
  • Milkshakes: Tasty banana, chocolate, mango, soursop, vanilla & plain - $6
  • Mixed drinks: House specials such as our home-made Margaritas, our famous Bloody Mary & Rum Coladas
  • Special drinks: Mango, Papaya & milk, Paw paw & milk, and Soursop

Enjoy Clarissa Falls at home

We now have our special, homemade hot sauce available for sale for only $5. Take home a few bottles and spice up your life!

Chena's decadent fruitcake is also available for purchase. Take one home for yourself or as a special gift for friends for only $15.

Now you & your friends can savour Chena's famous fruitcake at home during the Easter or Christmas holidays! Two-pound fruitcakes are available via mail order for $24, including shipping & handling. Please contact us for more information. Be sure to order early, supplies are limited!


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